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Comprehensive Table of 2018 Contents

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Basic Study

Effects of differentdoses of ginger-partitioned moxibustion on trefoil factor 1, mucin 5AC andepidermal growth factor receptor in rats with spleen deficiency syndrome

Bi Ding-yan, et al   1

Effect of acupuncture atcomplementary acupionts on mast cells and histamine/bradykinin released by mastcells in the regions of acupionts

Qu Jing-yang, et al   8

Effect ofelectroacupuncture at Huantiao (GB 30) and Weizhong (BL 40) on serum IgG and IgM in rabbits with lumbar intervertebral disc herniation

Feng Ying-shuai, et al   14

Effect of acupuncture onhippocampal mitochondrial proteome expression in SAMP8 mouse model withAlzheimer disease 

Liang Mei-ting, et al  67

Effect of acupuncture in intervening heroin-induced brain damage via regulating ubiquitin-proteasome pathway

ZhangLi-da, et al   80

Effect of An-pressing manipulation on the serum levels of T-AOC and CK-MM in volunteers with delayedonset muscle soreness in biceps brachii

Jiang Quan-rui, et al   88

Effect of electroacupuncture on expressions of acetylcholine and mucin 5AC in the lungs of rats with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Cong Wen-juan, et al   133

Study of the thermal painthreshold latency of acupoints based on Fei Teng Ba Fa           

Wang Hong-bin, et al  140

Effect of moxibustion at Shenque (CV 8) on free radical metabolism in rat’s hippocampus after differentdegrees of exhaustive exercise

Zhou Xiao-hong, et al   223


Experimentallyinvestigating the effect of buccal acupuncture on analgesic time-effectcharacteristics and monoamine neurotransmitters

Pu Rui-sheng, et al   229

Effect of liver-soothingand mind-regulating acupuncture on resting-state electroencephalo- graphicsignals in rats with post-traumatic stress disorder

Wei Yu-ting, et al   289

Effects of electroacupuncture of different frequencies on free radicals in hippocampus ofmice with vascular dementia

Wu Ze-hui, et al   297

Experimental study on theinfluence of pressing force and time on thermal effect of An-pressing manipulation

Li Wu, etal   303

Effects of electroacupuncture of different frequencies on SP and VIP expression levels in colon of rats with slow transit constipation

Zhao Bo, et al   355

Experimental study on the effect of An-pressing and Rou-kneading Huantiao (GB 30) on certain brain nuclei of pleasure circuits in rats with chronic neuralgia

Xiao Bin, et al   360

Special Topic Study

Effect of acupuncture plus Tai Ji Quan on therecovery of neurological function and depression state in post-stroke depression patients

Zhang Lin, et al  96

Yi Jin Jing(Sinew-transforming Qigong Exercises) for primary osteoporosis in the elderly:a clinical trial

Shen Zhi-fang, et al   104

Effect of warm joint needling plus rehabilitation on the balance function and quality of life of patients with spastic hemiplegia after ischemic cerebral stroke

Han Zhen-xiang, et al  150

Observation onmind-refreshing and orifice-opening needling method plus swallowing disordertherapeutic apparatus for deglutition disorder of stroke patients in the convalescent stage

Xu Zhen-jie, et al   156

Clinical observation of abdominal acupuncture for subhealth insomnia

Feng Hua, et al   243

Observation of therapeutic effects of point application at Shenque (CV 8) plus moxa-salt hotcompress for prevention of gastrointestinal adverse reactions afterchemotherapy for non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Guo Yan-fei, et al   248

Effects of acupuncture on ovarian blood supply and pregnancy outcomes in patients receiving assisted reproduction

Xu Zheng-zheng, et al  253

Effect of Governor Vessel-unblocking and mind- refreshing acupuncture plus functional training onneural development in infants with brain damage

Liu Zhen-huan, et al   260

Correlation analysis onclinical effects of acupuncture for elderly patients with sensorineural deafness and ear distending sensation

Mo Wen-quan, et al  265

Therapeutic efficacy observation on acupuncture for persistent allergic rhinitis

Liu Peng, et al  271

Special Topic for 973 Program

Development of workplace-related Liver Meridian- depression scale

Dai Guo-bin, et al  21

Effectof moxibustion on CRF and CRFR1 expressions in hypothalamus of TNBS-inducedexperimental colitis rats

Li Zhi-yuan, et al  207

Effect of point-moxibustion on ghrelin and GHSR-1a expressions in lateral septalnucleus of rats with diabetic gastroparesis

Liu Mi, et al   216

Clinical Study

Music electricstimulation of points for anxiety: a multi-center randomized controlled clinical trial

Zhang Hong, et al  33              

Acupuncture plus bloodletting therapy for insomnia in blood stasis constitution: a clinical study

KanLi-na, et al   38

Efficacy observation on acupuncture plus moving cupping with compound white mustard oil for lumbar myofascitis

Xu Xu-jie, et al   43

Clinical observation of Shu-acupuncture method in Nei Jing(Classic of Internal Medicine) for shoulder and arm pain

Song Zhong-yang, et al   48

Observation on clinical effect of tuina plus Western medication for functional dyspepsia dueto liver qi stagnation and spleen deficiency

Ning Jiong-jie, et al   109

Clinical observation on cervical chiropractic for cervical spondylosis of vertebralartery type

Fan Shao-ting   115

Therapeutic observation of cranial suture acupuncture in treating depression

Ai Chun-qi, et al   161

Effect of acupoint sticking at Shenque(CV 8) for preventing spleen-stomach disharmony caused by venous analgesia pump

Ye Fu-ying, et al   167

Observation on clinical effects of acupuncture plus external medicine application for cervical radiculopathy

Wu Ji-xin, et al   171

Observation on clinical efficacy of warm needling therapy for chronic lumbar strain

Gu Fang-fang, et al   176

Clinical observation on electroacupuncture plus hydro- acupuncture for low back paincaused by compression fractures

Yang Feng-xiang, et al   180

Clinical observation on electroacupuncture at four sacral points for overactive bladder syndrome

Li Rui-zhi, et al   185

Observation on lower-reinforcing and upper-reducing acupuncture method for hyperplasia of mammary gland and its influence on estradiol and progesterone

Wang Ya-fang, et al   189

Therapeutic observation of acupuncture plus tuina for cervical vertigo

He Yong-song, et al  323

Clinical observation of sinew-regulating and bone- setting manipulation combined with functional exercise to treat rotator cuff injury

Zhang Wen-di, et al    329

Effect of modified Qing Long Bai Wei needling on the levels of IL-1β, IL-6 and INF-α in synovial fluid of knee osteoarthritis patients

Deng Jie, et al   338

Effect of acupoint massage plus acupoint sticking therapy for the stress reaction during postoperative anesthesia recovery period in patients undergoing nasal endoscopic surgery

Lu Wei-yu, et al   343

Clinical observation of Zhen’ai needling method in Nei Jing (Classic of Internal Medicine) on improving quality of life inpatients with allergic rhinitis

Zhang Cui-hong, et al  349

Fire-needle therapy for deglutition disorders inpost- stroke pseudobulbar palsy: a randomized controlled trial 

Guo Yu-huai,et al   375

Memory response to manual acupuncture inchronic insomniacs: evidence from event-related potentials

Zhao Fei-yi, et al  382

Therapeutic effect observation on acupuncture plus umbilicus application with Chinese medicine in treating detrusor underactivity

Liu Wei-min,et al   389

Effect of tuina exercise on simple obesity in college students

Lü Hong-xiao, et al   394

Clinical observationon tuina plus foot bath with Chinese medicine for diabetic foot in early stage

Xu Cheng-hua,et al   402

Clinical observation of needling gluteus medius muscle trigger point plus chiropracticfor sacroiliac joint subluxation

Zhou Wen-chun, et al   408

Famous Doctor’s Experience

Professor Yu Hai-bo’s clinical experience intreating acute attack of hemorrhoids with acupuncture- moxibustion
Liu Yong-feng  28

Chief physician Zhang Tang-fa’s experience of acupuncture for gouty arthritis

Li Yue-bing, et al   145

Systematic Review

Tuina for primary insomnia: a meta-analysis

Cao Miao, et al   236

Critical Review

Application and exploration of suspended magnetic moxibustion cup for obesity

Liu Hong-hua, et al   276

Modern quantum theoriesand experimental achievements motivate new exploration of acupuncture intraditional Chinese medicine

Stevenson Xutian, et al  282

Clinical experience of Xiangxi Liu’s infantile tuina for exogenous fever in children

Tang Wei, et al   310

Understanding Chinese Qigong in the context of Western culture

EstelVilar   315

The evolving conception and practice of acupuncture- moxibustion

Li Cong-cong, et al   370

Acupuncture Anesthesia

Coronary arteriography under acupuncture anesthesia: a case report

Li Jing, et al   319

Literature Study

Analysis of pointsselection pattern in acupuncture treatment of sleep apnea syndrome based on data mining

Cao Miao, et al  53

Points selection patternin acupuncture-moxibustion treatment of gouty arthritis: an analysis based on bibliometrics

Li Yue-bing, et al  59

Clinical progress onmoxibustion in preventing and treating adverse effects of surgery or chemoradiotherapy for breast cancer

Li Bing-rong, et al   120

Analysis of point-selection pattern in acupuncture- moxibustion treatment of amblyopia

Cao Zhao-xia, et al   127

Influence of acupunctureon pulmonary function of patients with asthma: a review

Wei Yu-ting, et al   195

Modern research, inheritance and protection of Shaolin Neigong of tuina exercise

Wang Cong, et al   201

Analysis of acupoint-selection patterns in acupuncture-moxibustion treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome based on data mining

Li Tao, et al   416

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